Albert Mohler To Stop Radio Program

Here is an email I received on the 25th of June giving further information on his departure from The Albert Mohler Program.

The final live broadcast of The Albert Mohler Program will be July 2, R. Albert Mohler Jr. announced at the end of his radio show June 21, as he prioritizes other ministry responsibilities and “a different media platform.”

In an official letter explaining his plans, Mohler expressed gratitude to his listeners, Salem Communications and others who have had a hand in the radio program. Ed Atsinger and Stu Epperson, the founders of the Salem Radio Network and Salem Communications, were among those Mohler thanked for “believing in this program and for building a great Christian radio network that is not afraid to take on the issues and offer conviction.”

“I have had the privilege of talking to people all over the world each weekday through the medium of radio,” wrote Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky. “I believe we have indeed developed a model that lived up to our promise of ‘intelligent Christian conversation about the issues that matter.’ I have been energized every single day by the experience of sitting behind that microphone and talking to people across the nation and around the world.”

Mohler cited the continually shifting medium of radio, ministry responsibilities at Southern Seminary and other media opportunities as reasons for the ending of the live radio show. While the radio program is broadcast on over 100 stations in the United States, Mohler noted that taking the program to the next level would likely involve an expansion to a three-hour daily broadcast. “This is just not a practical possibility,” Mohler explained, “given my other responsibilities.”

In coming days, Mohler said more announcements will be made about the new shape of his media plans. One component will be a recorded interview and discussion based program without callers. Mohler will also continue to do national broadcast commentary for Salem Communications.

Mohler expressed a measure of regret over the decision to end the live program that he knows had to be made.

“There is a sense of sadness in leaving this stage of ministry and media for another,” he wrote. “I need to be most available — at my best — for those who mean the most to me, to Southern Seminary, and to the advance of Christ’s Kingdom.”
Mohler, who also serves as Joseph Emerson Brown Professor of Theology at Southern, noted that removing the constraints of a radio schedule will allow him to be more present in areas of life and ministry.

“I need to be more present on the mission fields of the world, more present with our students and faculty and more present with friends of the Seminary.”

  1. man, i’m gonna miss that program.

  2. Tell me about it. But I am really looking forward to the new media he is going to use to accomplish the same great things.

  1. July 3rd, 2010

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