Jesus’ Final Week – Tuesday

1.   Withered Fig Tree Testifies  (Bethany to Jerusalem)
2.   Sanhedrin Challenges Jesus.  Answered by Parables: Two Sons, Wicked Vinedressers and Marriage Feast  (Jerusalem)
3.   Tribute to Caesar  (Jerusalem)
4.   Sadducees Question the Resurection  (Jerusalem)
5.   Pharisees Question Commandments  (Jerusalem)
6.   Jesus and David  (Jerusalem)
7.   Jesus’ Last Sermon  (Jerusalem)
8.   Widow’s Mite  (Jerusalem)
9.   Jesus Tells of the Future  (Mt. of Olives)
10. Parables: Ten Virgins, Talents, The Day of Judgement  (Mt. of Olives)
11.  Jesus Tells Date of Crucifixion
12.  Anointing by Mary at Simon’s Feast  (Bethany)
13.  Judas Contracts the Betrayal

References For Events Above
Matthew 21:20-26:16
Mark 11:19 – 14:11
Luke 20:1 – 22:6
John 12:2-8

Related References
Isaiah 5:1,2
Exodus 3:6
Psalm 110:1
Leviticus 27:30
Daniel 12:1
Zechariah 14:5
Zechariah 11:12

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