Bible Intake

Bible intake is an absolute spiritual discipline that is crucial to the growth of the Christian.  You can split up bible intake into at least two categories:

1.  Slow and steady method.
2.  Fire hydrant method.

The common form of bible intake for me is the slow and steady method.  I choose a text (say the book of Hebrews) and slowly go over it verse by verse, picking through it, reading commentaries about it, cross referencing it, etc.  This is a great way to get deep and personal with the biblical text and must for all bible students.

But, I usually forsake the second for the first.  A healthy diet of bible intake will be sprinkled with both slow and steady, verse by verse picking, and being dowsed with mass quantities of verses in one sitting.

As I am prepping for my New Testament II class (I am reading through all of the NT minus the Gospels) I am using a little known tool that will help you to saturate yourself with mass quantities of scripture in a single setting.

The ESV website has a way for you to listen to the bible for free from their website.  If you go the the ESV website and look in the upper right hand corner you will see this link Options (beta).  Click the word ‘options’ and it will open up a new page that will allow you to pick what audio format you want to hear your scripture selection being read to you in (I prefer to hear Max McLean).  Click save, then go type in your bible reference.  Next to your bible reference there should be a link that says “listen”.  Click and enjoy.

I find that listening to someone else read the scriptures while I read my own copy of scripture helps me stay focused in my reading and consume great amounts of scripture.

If your diet of bible intake tends to be imbalanced, as mine can be, then try this out.  It will help greatly.

A Book
Also, if the concept of bible intake as a spiritual discipline is a foreign concept to you, or you have never really had it explained to you this book is a must:
Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney
Buy it, read it.

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