Meditate On Judgment

William Dyer, “Christ’s Famous Titles”

Meditate often on these four last things:
Death, which is most certain.
Judgment, which is most strict.
Hell, which is most doleful.
Heaven, which is most delightful.


Meditate upon judgment, which is most strict.

“We must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ!”

Those who will not come before His mercy-seat,
shall be forced to come before His judgment-seat!

Those who will not hear His Word–shall feel His Sword!

Those who are graceless in this day–will be speechless in that day!

At the world’s end–such will be at their wits’ end, to see:
the earth flaming,
the heavens melting,
the stars falling,
the graves opening,
the judgment hastening,
the sun and moon mourning,
Christ and His angels coming!

He who comes to raise the dead,
will also come to judge the dead.

Oh! sirs, the great day to great sinners will be a dreadful day–when they shall see Christ coming in the clouds:
with great power and glory,
crowned with dignity,
enraged with anger, and
attended with His angel reapers!

He will bring all kings and nobles, high and low, rich and poor, to His judgment bar! And there He will judge them, not by the whiteness of their faces–but by the blackness of their hearts!

“He comes to judge the earth. He will judge the world in righteousness and the peoples with equity!” Psalm 98:9

You who make no account of His coming–
how can you give an account at His coming?

Sirs! Meditation on judgment–may make you judgment proof!

Those who now judge themselves in their own private sessions–shall not be judged by Christ at His great white throne judgment!

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