Repent For The Iniquity Of Your Holy Things

6.j  Repent for the iniquity of your holy things. How often have the services of God’s worship been frozen with formality and soured with pride? There have been more of the peacock’s plumes—than the moans of the dove. It is sad that pious duties should be made a stage for vainglory to act upon. O Christians, there is such a thick crust upon your duties, that it is to be feared there is but little substance left in them for God to feed upon. Behold here repenting work, cut out for the best. And that which may make the tide of grief swell higher, is to think that the sins of God’s people do more provoke God, than do the sins of others (Deut. 32:19). The sins of the wicked pierce Christ’s side. The sins of the godly go to his heart! Peter’s sin, being against so much love, was most unkind, which made his cheeks to be furrowed with tears: “When he thought about it, he began to weep” (Mark 14:72).

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