Repent Of Your Non-Improvements Of Talents

6.e  Repent of your non-improvement of talents. Health is a talent; estate is a talent; wit and abilities are talents; and these God has entrusted you with, to improve for his glory. He has sent you into the world as a merchant sends his steward beyond the seas to trade for his advantage—but you have not done the good you might. Can you say, “Master, your talent has earned five more talents” (Luke 19:18)? O mourn at the burial of your talents! Let it grieve you that so much of your life has not been time lived but time lost; that you have filled up your golden hours more with froth than with devotion.

  1. If things such as health and estate are talents, it would seem that when we are graciously given such talents, we only drain and deplete them, rather than increase and strengthen them. Oy veh.

  2. Tell me about it. This was a great and convicting read. Watson’s point is, “Are we being bums with what has been given us? What is being done with the gifts of the spirit, gifts, and skills we have?” If God has seen fit to give you a large estate, are you advancing the kingdom of God with it, or growing lazy/apathetic in it?

    This was a great point for me. It really caused me to evaluate how I am using all things in my possession for the gospel.

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