Repent Of Your Vain Thoughts

6.b  Repent of your vain thoughts. These swarm in your minds as the flies did in Pharaoh’s court (Exod. 8:24). What bewilderings there are in the imagination! If Satan does not possess your bodies, he does your imaginations. “How long shall your vain thoughts lodge within you?” (Jer. 4:14). A man may think himself into hell. O you saints, be humbled for this lightness in your head.

  1. Jonathan, I’m not sure if you’ve already read it, but you might like to follow up Watson’s book with Thomas Brooks’ “Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices”. Another good one from the Puritan Paperbacks series and a great manual on spiritual warfare. If you only read the table of contents (probably the most extensive TOC I’ve seen), you’ll be blessed !

  2. Thanks for recommendation Joe. I do own a copy of Brook’s book, and I am very much looking forward to reading it. You are absolutely correct in your statement on the TOC. It was one of the reasons this book caught my attention!

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