Repentance Is Necessary

Let me in the next place persuade you to this great duty of repentance. Sorrow is not good for anything—except for sin. If you shed tears for outward losses, it will not advantage you. Water for the garden, if poured in the sink—does no good. Medicine for the eye, if applied to the arm, is of no benefit. Sorrow is medicinal for the sinful soul—but if you apply it to worldly things it does no good. Oh that our tears may run in the right channel—and our hearts burst with sorrow for sin! That I may the more successfully press this exhortation, I shall show you that repentance is necessary, and that it is necessary for all people and for all sins.

I. Repentance is necessary
Repentance is necessary: “except you repent—you shall all likewise perish!” (Luke 13:5). There is no rowing to paradise—except upon the stream of repenting tears. Repentance is required as a qualification. It is not so much to endear us to Christ—as to endear Christ to us. Until sin be bitter—Christ will not be sweet.

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