Blasphemy Debate at University Cape Town

Dr. Peter Hammond from Frontline Fellowship was to debate atheist Jacques Rousseau about the topic of blasphemy.  Two hours before the show the Rousseau cancelled.  Here are a couple of bullet points from Hammond’s argument (he was allowed to present his side even though the opponent was a no show).  I think he has some great points.  You can follow this link to see the entirety of the event in bullet form.

Dr. Peter Hammond, was invited by Campus Crusade for Christ to debate an Atheist lecturer at the University of Cape Town on the subject of: Is Blasphemy Free Speech?

Atheist Abandons Argument
Just two hours before the scheduled debate the Atheist Association lecturer, Jacques Rousseau, cancelled his involvement and withdrew from the debate. The organiser was then compelled to change the venue from Jameson Hall to a different venue nearby.

Blasphemy is an Abuse of Free Speech
Nevertheless, the hall was soon packed out with both Christians and Atheists and Peter went ahead and presented the Christian position. He stated that blasphemy has absolutely nothing to do with free speech, but is rather an abuse of it. Just as libel and slander, deception in advertising and lying are abuses of free speech, so too is blasphemy.

Academic Freedom
Blasphemy has absolutely nothing to do with academic freedom. It is an abuse of academic freedom. Just as drunken and reckless driving is not freedom of movement, so blasphemy is not freedom of speech. Traffic regulations do not infringe on freedom of movement but rather enhance them. Having laws against reckless driving does not equal the confiscation of all cars! It is illogical to claim that laws against blasphemy would undermine academic freedom.

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