A Serious Exhortation To Repentance

As some of you know I have been reading through Thomas Watson’s book “The Doctrine of Repentance” with a friend.  This is an excellent book and well worth your time to read.  One of the most recent chapters that I have read (chapter 6 – A serious exhortation to repentance) was just mind boggling good.  So, over the next several blog posts I am going to be giving you Watson’s points through this chapter as he wrote them.  The game plan is for me to give you his out line on this post, and then in subsequent posts give you what he wrote as we go through his outline.  I hope you enjoy this information and find it as encouraging and convicting as I did.

I.   Repentance Is Necessary
II.  Repentance Is Necessary For All Persons
1.  Repentance is necessary for great ones .
2.  Repentance is necessary for the flagitious sinners in the nation.
3.  Repentance is necessary for the cheating crew.
4.  Repentance is necessary for civil persons.
5.  Repentance is needful for hypocrites.
6.  Repentance is necessary for God’s own people.
a.  Repent of your rash censuring.
b.  Repent of your vain thoughts.
c.  Repent of your vain fashions.
d.  Repent of your decays in grace.
e.  Repent of your non-improvements of talents.
f.  Repent of your forgetfulness of sacred vows.
g.  Repent of your unanswerableness to blessings received.
h.  Repent of your worldliness.
i.  Repent of your divisions.
j.  Repent for the iniquity of your holy things.
III.  Repentance Is Necessary For All Sins

  1. Good to see these posts on this. Great book and a very convicting read.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Joe. It is by far one of the most practical books that I have read, and I love it! Definitely a heavy dose of wisdom in this little book.

    I am curious to see what other books you would recommend by Watson.

  3. Jonathan,

    I haven’t read anything else yet by Watson, although I did recently splurge and order over a dozen Puritan Paperbacks from WTSBooks (hey, they were on sale !). One of the twelve was Watson’s “The Godly Man’s Picture”.

    I’m going to try to alternate a Puritan book with every new book I read. Up next I think is John Owen’s “The Holy Spirit”. I got the abridged, easier to read version so someone like me can read Owen 🙂

    I enjoy your blog and have added it to my site.

    Blessings –

  4. Wow! Thanks Joe. That is quite an honor. I too am a Puritan Paperback man. I have Watson’s “Doctrine of Repentance”, Baxter’s “Reformed Pastor”, Owen’s “Mortification of Sin”, and Owen’s “Glory of Jesus Christ”. I am looking forward to reading all of them.

    Thanks for all the comments.

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