To Death, or To Joy

God’s sovereignty in the salvation of sinners can have two effects on man.  This truth either scares you to death or stirs you to joy.  As for me, it stirs me to joy.  I am a dead rebellious worm, who deserves the heel crushing blow of the wrath of God.  This is my just dessert for transgressing against God.  This is my right judgment for breaking the law of God.

Yet, God, in his good pleasure and in his love, chose me before the foundation of the world.  God chose me as the object of His affection simply because he chose to choose.  This truth stirs my heart to joy and gospel proclamation.  If God can convert my rebellious heart, he can convert the heart of any wretch.

Below is a great summation of the sovereignty of God in the salvation of sinners by A.W. Pink.  Chew on this, and let it stir your heart’s and mind’s affections to joy.

“Summarizing the teaching of these seven passages we learn that, God has “ordained to eternal life” certain ones, and that in consequence of His ordination they, in due time, “believe.” God’s ordination to salvation of His own elect, is not due to any good thing in them nor to anything meritorious from them–but solely of His “grace.” God has designedly selected the most unlikely objects to be the recipients of His special favors, in order that “no flesh should glory in His presence.” God chose His people in Christ before the foundation of the world, not because they were holy–but in order that they “should be holy and without blame before Him.” God, having selected certain ones to salvation, He also decreed the means by which His eternal counsel should be made good; that the very “grace” by which we are saved was, in God’s purpose, “given us in Christ Jesus before the world began.” Long before they were actually created, God’s elect stood present before His mind, were “foreknown” by Him, that is, were the definite objects of His eternal love.

Before turning to the next division of this chapter, a further word concerning the subjects of God’s predestinating grace. We go over this ground again because it is at this point, that the doctrine of God’s sovereignty in predestining certain ones to salvation is most frequently assaulted. Perverters of this truth invariably seek to find some cause outside God’s own will, which moves Him to bestow salvation on certain sinners; something or other is attributed to the creature which entitles him to receive mercy at the hands of the Creator. We return then to the question, Why did God choose the ones He did? What was there in the elect themselves, which attracted God’s heart to them?

Was it because of certain virtues they possessed? because they were generous-hearted, sweet tempered, truth-speaking? In a word, because they were “good,” that God chose them? No! for our Lord said, “There is none good but one, that is God!” (Matthew 19:17).

Was it because of any good works they had performed? No! for it is written, “There is none that does good–no, not one!” (Romans 3:12).

Was it because they evidenced an earnestness and zeal in inquiring after God? No! for it is written again, “There is none that seeks after God!” (Romans 3:11).

Was it because God foresaw they would believe? No! for how can those who are “dead in trespasses and sins” believe in Christ? How could God foreknow some men as believers, when belief was impossible to them? Scripture declares that we “believe through grace” (Acts 18:27). Faith is God’s gift, and apart from this gift–none would believe.

The cause of God’s choice then lies within Himself–and not in the objects of His choice. He chose the ones He did–simply because He chose to choose them!”

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