Memorizing Scripture From Your iPod

Definitely go and check out this blog post.  You can go to the ESV website and download entire chapters or certain selections of scripture, turn the audio into an MP3 file, and transfer it to your iPod.  I am currently getting Hebrews and transferring it to my iPhone so I can have it at work.  Stop thinking about it and download man!

    • Joe
    • February 24th, 2009

    This is great. It’s nice to have these to listen to on your iPod or burn to a CD. Thanks for sharing this.

  1. Love it! I told Emily about this too. We are going to use it to memorize on the go.

  2. John,
    This has been a fantastic tool for me when it comes to my morning devotionals. It has helped me read through the chapters for the day in a timely manner (and I need that help in the mornings as my mind tends to wonder). I have also found that I am reading more of the bible in a day knowing that all I have to do is fire up the next chapter on my iPod and open up the bible application that I have on my iPhone. I love it as well!

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