2009 Reading List

My boy over at Pressing Godward has inspired me to be more disciplined in my readings.  After I was able to talk to him and find out why he made his list the way he did, I produced my own.  I have long labored under the idea that to be able to read a book through and digest it completely I would need large blocks of time to accomplish this task.  Then as large blocks of time would inevitably not come, I wouldn’t get the reading done I had intended to do.

Enter Caleb Billingsley.

He made the simple observation that if one could read 10 pages per day, for an entire month, one could read roughly a 300 page book per month.  Genius man!  So, as I have employed this into my daily reading, along with reading through the bible chronologically, I have put down my books in list form  as to help keep me on track and accountable to whoever is willing to ask me what I am reading and how I am doing with my list.

So, what are you waiting on…make a list and get at it.

2009 Reading List:


  1. Why do you have two lists? Does one belong to Tarah?

  2. Negative. The two lists are serving to different functions. The Devotional list are books that I am reading during my bible reading time. The Books list is for books that I just want to read through. So the devotional books are books more geared towards promoting me to think about Christ and prepare my mind to read the bible. Hope this answers your question!

  3. great list jon! glad to see there are some puritans on there. of course i can’t take credit for the idea, i’m sure i heard it from somebody. i’ve been praying for you and your family.

    • Puritans. Yes please. I am really looking forward to reading The Mischief of Sin by Thomas Watson. My wife gave me that book for Christmas. The best material gift of 2008, by far.

  4. Good luck my man, I hope to tackle The Great Divorce myself. I read Grief Observed last year and it was really good for me, considering my history. I am looking at The Problem of Pain now.

    A few months back I ask you to list a few books that you would consider a good foundation for further study or good inroads sort of speak. I totally forgot to write it down. Could you pleae recite those again. To make it easy give me your top five. Thanks and God Bless.

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