How Did The Puritans Interpret Scripture?

I stumbled across this Word file I made about J.I. Packer from an Alistair Begg sermon.  J.I. Packer answers the question, “How did the Puritans go about interpreting scripture?”

He states that these six questions were used by the puritans to help pull out the richest meaning of scripture and to find a good application.   

  1. What do these words actually mean?
  2. What light do other scriptures throw on this text?  Where and how does this fit into the total revelation?
  3. What truths does it teach about God and man in relation to God?
  4. How are these truths related to the saving work of Jesus Christ and what light does the Gospel of Christ throw upon them.
  5. What experiences do these truths delineate or explain or seek to create or cure?  For what principle purpose do they stand in scripture?
  6. How do they apply to me or others in our actual situation?  To what present human condition do they speak, and what are they telling us to believe and do?

May God bless you in the reading of His holy word.  Soli Deo Gloria.

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