Sin Slaying Power Comes From The Doctrine Of The Cross

I am loving this book right now.  The fervor and the word pictures used by Spurgeon have just enflamed my heart all the more in the glories of my salvation from God’s wrath.  You can click on the image on the left hand column to find out how to purchase this book.  Here is a quote that I am loving right now:

When I was anxious about the possibility of a just God pardoning me, I understood and saw by faith that He who is the Son of God became man, and in His own blessed person bore my sin in His own body on the tree.  I saw that the chastisement of my peace was laid on Him, and that with His stripes I was healed.  It was because the Son of God, supremely glorious in His matchless person, undertook to vindicate the law by bearing the sentence due to me, that therefore God was able to pass by my sin.  My sole hope for Heaven lies in the full atonement made upon Calvary’s cross for the ungodly.  On that I firmly rely.  I have not the shadow of a hope anywhere else.  Personally, I could never have overcome my own sinfulness.  I tried and failed.  My evil propensities were too many for me, till, in the belief that Christ died for me, I cast my guilty soul on Him, and then I received a conquering principle by which I overcame my sinful self.  The doctrine of the cross can be used to slay sin, even as the old warriors used  their huge two-handed swords, and mowed down their foes at every stroke.  There is nothing like faith in the sinners’ Friend: it overcomes all evil.  If Christ has died for me, ungodly as I am, without strength as I am, then I cannot live in sin any longer, but must arouse myself to love and serve Him who hath redeemed me.  I cannot trifle with the evil which slew my best Friend.  I must be holy for His sake.  How can I live in sin when He has died to save me from it?

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