A Pastoral Quiz

Over at A Puritan’s Mind you can find this pastoral quiz.  You can follow the link to take the whole quiz.  Below you will find the introduction to whet your appetite.  

A Short Quiz For pastors who think they know their bible.

You are not allowed to use the Bible or any other Biblical help; nor may you ask the opinion of others, nor in books unless otherwise instructed. The only time the Bible may be used is when it explicitly tells you to read the passage and comment on it.  You have 5 days to complete it.  

Elders are not elders because they are old, they are elders because they know the Bible well.  There is a distinction between those who may be good preachers and those who are Pastors/Elders of a church.  But even in their humble beginnings, they knew their Bible well.

Some young Preachers who knew their Bible well:

The Shepherd and Bishop of our souls, Jesus Christ: 30 years old.
John the Apostle: ? (His age may range from 17-31??
Aurelius Augustine: 37 
John Calvin: 22 (He had his first chaplainry at age 12)
Christopher Love: 27
Jonathan Edwards: 15
Richard Baxter: 23

There are:
296 questions,
183 terms to define,
and 31 practical application questions at the end.

I have not taken the quiz, but I have glanced through it and it is a doozy.  I wonder what caliber of teaching we would have in the church if we used this to screen the teachers?

  1. Wow! That is a doozy. Maybe I shall try to take it. I doubt I would even come close to passing. Are the answers somewhere on that site as well?

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