Prophecies Identifying Jesus as the Christ

This past Saturday Tarah and I were doing some serious spring cleaning.  In the midst of sorting through one of our old boxes I uncovered this gold mine of content  on a half sheet of paper.  What you find below are prophecies spoken about God’s coming Messiah.  The Christ that would take away the sins of the world. The format below was writen as if someone were having a conversation with God asking how we can for certain know that Jesus was God’s chosen Messiah.

I encourage you to be edified by the overwhelming evidence that God has graciously given to show us that Jesus is his Messiah and that we can rest fully upon Jesus as our Saviour that defeated Satan, Sin, and Death.

Us:      “How will we know him?  How will we recognize the one who is the Messiah, the eternal, incarnate Son of God?

God:      “I will cause him to be born as an Israelite, a descendant of Abraham (Gen 22:18; Gal 3:16).”

Us:      “But Abraham’s descendants will be as numerous as the stars!”

God:      “Then Ill narrow it down to only half of Abraham’s lineage, and make him a descendant of Isaac, not Ishmael (Gen. 21:12; Luke 3:23-34).”

Us:      “That will help, but isn’t that still an awful lot of people?”

God:      “Let him be born of Jacob’s line, then eliminating half of Isaac’s lineage (Numbers 24:17, Luke 3:23-34).”

Us:      “But-“

God:      “I will be even more specific.  Jacob will have twelve sons; I will bring forth the Messiah from the tribe of Judah (Gen. 49:10; Luke 3:23-33).”

Us:      “Won’t that still be a lot of people?  We may still not recognize him when he comes.”

God:      “Don’t worry!  Look for him in the family line of Jesse (Isaiah 11:1; Luke 3:23-32).  And from the house and lineage of Jesse’s youngest son, David (Jeremiah 23:5; Luke 3:23-31).  And then I will tell you where he will be born; Bethlehem, a tiny town in the area called Judah (Micah 5:2; Matthew 2:1).”

Us:      “But how will we know which person born there is your Son?”

God:      “He will be preceded by a messenger who will prepare the way and announce his advent (Isaiah 40:3; Matthew 3:1-2).  He will begin ministry in Galilee (Isaiah 9:1; Matthew 4:12-17) and will teach in parables (Psalm 78:2; Matthew 13:34-35), performing many miracles (Isaiah 35:5-6; Matthew 9:35).”

Us:      “Okay, that should help a lot.”

God:      “No, I’m just getting started.  He will ride into the city of Jerusalem on a donkey (Zechariah 9:9; Matthew 2:12; Luke 19:35-37) and will appear suddenly and forcefully at the temple courts and zealously ‘clean house’ (Psalm 69:9; Malachi 3:1; John 2:15-16).  Why, in one day I will fulfill no fewer than 29 specific prophecies spoken at least five hundred years earlier about him!

1.    He will be betrayed by a friend (Psalm 41:9; Matthew 26:49).
2.    The price of his betrayal will be 30 pieces of silver (Zechariah 11:12; Matthew 26:15).
3.    His betrayal money will be cast to the floor of my temple (Zechariah 11:13; Matthew 27:5).
4.    His betrayal money will be used to buy the potter’s field (Zechariah 11:13; Matthew 27:7).
5.    He will be forsaken and deserted by his disciples (Zechariah 13:7; Mark 14:50).
6.    He will be accused by false witnesses (Ps. 35:11; Matt. 26:59-60).
7.    He will be silent before his accusers (Isaiah 53:7; Matt. 27:26).
8.    He will be wounded and bruised (Isaiah 53:5; Matt. 27:26).
9.    He will be hated without cause (Ps. 69:4; John 15:25).
10.    He will be struck and spit on (Isaiah 50:6; Matthew 26:27).
11.    He will be mocked, ridicule, and rejected (Isaiah 53:3; Matt. 27:27-31; John 7:5, 48).
12.    He will collapse from weakness (Ps. 109:24-25; Luke 23:26).
13.    He will be taunted with specific words (Ps. 22-6-8; Matt. 27:39-43).
14.    People will shake their heads at him (Ps. 109:25; Matt. 27:39).
15.    People will stare at him (Ps. 22:17; Luke 23:35).
16.    He will be executed among ‘sinners’ (Isaiah 53:12; Matt. 27:38).
17.    His hands and feet will be pierced (Ps. 22:16; Luke 23:33).
18.    He will pray for his persecutors (Isaiah 53:12; Luke 23:34).
19.    His friends and family will stand afar off and watch (Ps 38:11; Luke 23:49).
20.    His garments will be divided and won by the casting of lots (Ps. 22:18; John 19: 23-24).
21.    He will thirst (Ps. 69:21; John 19:28).
22.    He will be given gall and vinegar (Ps. 69:21; John 19:28).
23.    He will commit himself to God (Ps. 31:5; Luke 23:46).
24.    His bones will be left unbroken (Ps. 34:20; John 19:33).
25.    His heart will rupture (Ps. 22:14; John 19:34).
26.    His side will be pierced (Zechariah 12:10; John 19:34).
27.    Darkness will come over the land at midday (Isaiah 53:9; Matt. 27:45).
28.    He will be buried in a rich man’s tomb (Isaiah 53:9; Matt. 27:57-60).
29.    He will die 484 years after the declaration of Araxerxes to rebuild the temple in 444 B.C.  (Daniel 9:24)

As a final testimony, on the third day after his death, he will be raised from the dead (Ps. 16:10; Acts 2:31), ascend to heaven (Ps. 68:18; Acts 1:9), and be seated at the right hand of god in full majesty and authority (Ps. 110:1; Hebrews 1:3).”

You can download the PDF here:
Prophecies Identifying Jesus as the Christ

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