Building the Davis Family Library

Here are some books that I have purchased for the Davis family library within the past four months or so.  Also, if I have never stated this before, I would like to make clear that if you see a book that I have please contact me and I will loan out the book to you.  I would love to do anything I can to further your passion and zeal for making much of Jesus.

On a side note, if you would just like to purchase the book for yourself you can click on the book image and follow the link to the website.

The Doctrine of Repentance
by Thomas Watson

The Beatitudes
by Thomas Watson

The Impuation of Adam’s Sin
by John Murray

Redemption Accomplished and Applied
by John Murray

Behind a Frowning Providence
by John Murray

The Bondage of the Will
by Martin Luther

The Valley of Vision
edited by Arthur Bennett

Overcoming Sin and Temptation
Works by John Owen
Edited by Justin Taylor and Kelly Kapic

Systematic Theology
by Wayne Grudem

Saved Without a Doubt
by John MacArthur

A Call To Prayer
by J.C. Ryle

The Cross:  The Vindication of God
by Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones

A Defence of Calvinism
by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

All of Grace: An Earnest Word With Those Who are Seeking Salvation by the Lord Jesus Christ
by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Conversion: The Great Exchange & Experiences After Conversion
by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

  1. awesome book selections. did you buy them all at one time? did i miss a sale somewhere? oh man, i hope not.

  2. Wow, that sounds like some great reading! You library must be a great one. This has given me an idea for a post.

  3. Somebody is trying to boost their WTS blog partner points. Shameful.

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