2008 Resurgence National Conference: Text and Context

On February 25-27, 2008 Resurgence hosted the National Conference titled Text & Context at Mars Hill Church’s Ballard Campus.  You can click the links below and watch the video of 3 main sessions.

Mark Driscoll: Putting Preachers in their Place
C.J. Mahaney: Pastoral Character & Loving People
John Piper: Why I Trust the Scriptures

  1. I was recently told that I might want to listen to Driscoll’s message “Putting Preachers in their Place.” I was encouraged to listen critically. I’ll share some of my thoughts.

    I tend to take issue with what Driscoll has to say about house churches.

    It was pointed out to me that Driscoll is not basing much of what he says on Scripture solidly with sound exegesis. He has several proof-texts. He doesn’t do a very good study on preaching. He spends how much time speaking about preaching, but he doesn’t define preaching. If you notice in Scripture, preaching as proclamation is to unbelievers.

    Then, after about 30 minutes, he moves to ecclesiology. He seems to have something against house churches. It’s amazing to me that these large churches have to create something called “small groups” – not in the Bible – to make up for the lack of fellowship. After all, how much fellowship goes on in the building throughout the week? Isn’t the church supposed to meet daily? True teaching for the purpose of discipleship does not occur in a lecture style setting.

    I think that he lumps hastily house churches in with the emergent crowd. Again I wasn’t happy with his analysis of Barna’s book on Pagan Christianity. He speaks defensively regarding the Barna’s text, but he never sets up camp in the Bible to really define anything. Piper, in a later sermon at the conference, says that it is very difficult to justify the modern day preacher/pastor’s job in pulpit preaching to a congregation called the church. I think Driscoll is exegetically naive within this message. He quotes early church history to deal with the regular meeting of the church on Sundays, but he fails to find it in Scripture.

    While he has some good points, he paints with too large of a brush, ironically. Over all, I take issue with several of his points.

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