Who Did You Tell?

Here is a song by Abraham Juliot. You can find his music for free here. He is the one who mixed together the Paul Washer testimony that I posted a few back. Mr. Abner was kind enough to turn me onto his website where I first got a taste for Mr. Juliot.

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  1. It’s challenging music to say the least. I think it’s a bit heavy-handed, though. Perhaps it’s conviction, but part of me just wants to yell back at my iTunes: “Who did you flippin’ tell? Or were you too busy making this music?”

  2. Hey, Chase. I have felt the same way while listening to this song (I made the video, by the way, so I’ve heard it enough)… but I can say from experience that Abe, who wrote it, tells more people the gospel than anyone might believe. I was his roommate for a year. Each morning he got up around 4am to pray before work. After work he would go pray and read, and then go out to witness for several hours. He’d dome home, quietly encourage us with stories about witnessing, play some worship songs, and go pray and read again. Meanwhile, we all played video games for ten hours. He had the same amount of time but uses it differently than most. We were always welcome to go but we didn’t want to (despite living at a bible college.).

    He is very meek and friendly and speaks constantly of God’s grace to enable us.

    Here are some clips of Abe and I witnessing to some young guys at the beach.

    [audio src="http://openlife.michaelspotts.com/witnessing/20070815_Witnessing_to_Dillon_and_Sam.mp3" /]

    Take care!
    Michael Spotts:.

  3. Michael,

    In my comment, I was trying to be as honest as possible about the emotions invoked by Abraham Juliot’s music. I’ve only listened to the album “Who Did You Tell?”, and of course the theme is pretty consistent throughout those songs. I really meant no ill or judgment towards Abraham. I was trying to demonstrate how my flesh kicks against the Truth and conviction from the Spirit. I never fathomed that someone who knew Abaham would read it and offer such a kind rebuke.

    In the moment I submitted that comment I had this thought: “Chase, who did you flippin’ tell? Or were you too busy reading and commenting on blogs?” Still, I appreciate your response and it serves as yet another humiliating reminder of my need to repent and repent and repent.

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