The Testimony of Paul Washer

  1. wow

  2. I love Jesus.

  3. The testimony is incredible.

    I haven’t heard much from him, but is the whiney voice typical from him? I feel like I’m judging without being familiar with him, but the crying voice almost seemed staged to add dramatic flavor.

    I don’t say that to detract from the powerful testimony at all.

    • Jonathan
    • January 17th, 2008

    Never! with the whiny voice being staged to add dramatic flavor. That just simply is not him. He is one of the truest Gospel preachers out there and if he were to do that he would punch himself in the face.

    In the video you are really catching a glimpse of the passion he has for his savior.

    I have other Paul Washer stuff on the site if you haven’t checked it out.

    I highly recommend the preaching ministry of Paul Washer.

  4. I second what Jonny said. I was gonna respond earlier, but I figured I’d give Jonny the chance. I don’t believe Washer’s tears are in the least bit contrived. I ask God for that same kinda brokenness, not to be like Washer, but because I believe it is Godly sorrow for lost souls.

    I submit the following as good place to start (as I did) in discovering the Jeremiah-like preaching ministry of this man:

    “The Problem with American Christianity” (YouTube video)

    This sermon has also circulated the internet under the heading, “Shocking Youth Message – So shocking and biblical the preacher was never invited back.” The transcript can be read here (PDF download).

  1. January 23rd, 2008
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