Merry Tossmas

  1. I’m writing the introduction to this comment after writing it because it’ll probably come across as pseudo-inflammatory. I’m not attacking Jon Davis at all. He’s a stud. I’m just becoming increasingly passionate about the Church speaking less with their money and more with their scripture.

    It may be surprising to some, but I actually say “Bah, humbug” to the insistence that businesses say “Merry Christmas.” After all, we do live in a capitalist society and our society is becoming increasingly pluralistic and increasingly secular. Sure, 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas, but how many really celebrate CHRISTmas? Example: If I was a secular business owner in Dearborn, MI, it wouldn’t make much sense for me to wish my shoppers “Merry Christmas.” Dearborn is home to the second largest Arab population anywhere outside of the Middles East (Source). It wouldn’t serve my business very well.

    Obviously that is an extreme example, but I think it helps illustrate my point. Besides that, this issue also brings to mind the odd phenomenon of Christian-led boycotts. That video (produced in cooperation with “Focus on the Family Action”) provides a good picture of the problem as I see it. What language does Stuart Shephard speak to communicate his message to the political correct corporations? $$$$-ese. Waves his cash in front of the screen like a incentive carrot to whip the world into a Christian-friendly environment. That’s a really disturbing image to me and might even be a shadow of a prosperity gospel.

    Furthermore, I think that type of thinking just further solidifies Christians as a market sector that will be manipulated for lots of mammon. The empty “Merry Christmas” on the catalog or nativity in the storefront just becomes the carrot and it all has nothing to do with the glory of God.

  2. Well, I thought it was funny… : /

  3. Acknowledging that I came off jerky instead of passionate in my first comment and in hopes to redeem myself…

    I thought it was funny, too.

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