You Should Remember Your Sins

William Mason: Editor of the Gospel Magazine

It is fitting that you should remember your sins—to humble you, and to cause you to remember the love of Jesus—who bore them, suffered for them, and has taken them all away!

The eternal Son of the eternal Father became an infant, and died as an accursed malefactor bearing our sins—the guilt of our sins, the curse of our sins, all the wrath due to our sins, and all the penalties which our sins deserved, in His own blessed and innocent body on the tree!

Jesus, the true scapegoat, carried all our sins away into the land of forgetfulness! Hence thus says your God and Father, “Your sins, and your iniquities, I will remember no more!” Jer. 31:34. “Though your sins and your iniquities be sought for—they shall not be found!” Jeremiah 1:20.

We have such a glorious Savior, such a finished salvation, and are complete in Christ! We must attend to, believe, and live upon this ever glorious, ever sin-subduing and soul-sanctifying truth, “The blood of Jesus purifies us from all sin!” 1 John 1:7

At all times, when you see your sins, and are considering what a miserable sinner you are—remember the life and death of the Son of God in your place. This is the greatest, most precious, and most comfortable truth in the world!

What are you and I but sinners? Though we are in ourselves:  sin-accused, law-condemned, hopeless, helpless, ruined, lost and desperate sinners;

yet in Christ we are: justified from all sin, freed from all condemnation, restored to the love, favor and image of God, at peace with God, saved with an everlasting salvation, and have a true hope of a blissful immortality!

Well may we cry out in wonder and amazement, “What has the amazing grace of God wrought! What has the precious love of Christ effected!”

William Mason (1719 – 1791) wrote a number of very popular Christian books, and was twice briefly editor of The Gospel Magazine, immediately before and immediately after Augustus Montague Toplady. For a gander at the November 1782 issue of the Gospel Magazine (where they look upon the life and death of Richard Baxter in one article) click here.

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