A Bibliography

I had the recent privilege of being able to study and teach on the great doctrine of the Trinity. Our living God: One in essence, three in person. I found some great study material that prepared me greatly, and some other material that I didn’t use to study but came recommended by the sources I did use to study.

The Bible.
• Wayne Grudem. Systematic Theology. Chapter 14.
• Daniel Fuller. The Unity of the Bible. Chapter 8
• Jonathon Edwards. An Unpublished Essay on the Trinity.
• James Montgomery Boice. The Bible’s Teaching about the Trinity.
• Desiring God Staff. What is the Doctrine of the Trinity?
• John Piper’s Biography on Athanasius.
• Augustine. On the Trinity.
• Herman Bavinck. The Doctrine of God.
• Donald Macleod. Shared Life: The Trinity and the Fellowship of God’s People.
• R.C. Sproul. The Mystery of the Holy Spirit.
• R.C. Sproul. Essential truths of the Christian Faith.
• J.I. Packer. Knowing God.
• John Piper. The Pleasures of God.
• James White. The Forgotten Trinity.

Enjoy, and don’t be shy. Go ahead and stock up your library.

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