Making Use of Catechisms

Are you having family worship in your home? If you are and you are looking for good ways to be able to teach scripture, teach sound doctrine, and doing all this in a memorable format that is simple you should consider using catechisms. When you catechize you are teaching biblical truth in an orderly fashion.

Now there are a number of catechisms out there, some good and some bad. Here are some links to point you towards a good catechism.

A Baptist Catechism by John Piper

This catechism is slightly adapted from The Baptist Catechism. If you follow the link you can purchase a booklet of the questions and answers with some commentary by John Piper on certain questions. A very good source for every father to have.

The Baptist Catechism Set To Music by Jim Scott Orrick

Here is The Baptist Catechism as printed by the Charleston Association in 1813 set to music. If you are like me I am amazed at my ability to recall songs that I haven’t heard in years but have trouble remembering what I heard from the pulpit last week. God has given us the special ability to be able to remember content in the form of music. I highly recommend this 2 disc set to you. Follow the link and if you are interested you can find contact information on the page.

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