Together for the Gospel

Yes, I realize I am a little late on posting this information, but the Together for the Gospel conference is coming around the bend. If you consider almost 11 months away “coming around the bend”. You might ask, “Why get pumped up about a conference that is practically one year away?”. Watch this video and get a taste.

T4G Short Video

…or you can savor the teaching that was given at Together For the Gospel 2006 through this book…

Preaching the Cross

  1. Are you going?

  2. I’m going.

  3. I’ve got my seat reserved – hopefully my seat is decorated with a stack of books again!

    • Jonathan
    • May 15th, 2007


    I am definitely up for going! I am talking it through with my wife to find out if she would like to go and what to do with Rebekah if both of us go to the conference.

    Keli and Caleb:
    I am pumped to see that you two are going. If the Davis’s go this might actually lead into some very much desired fellowship between the Billingsleys and the Davis’s.

    It isn’t hurting anything, either, that there would be a seat decorated with books. I love books.

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