A Critique of Process and Open Theism

For the Resurgence Conference that took place on March 23-24, 2007 at Mars Hill Church Dr. Bruce Ware was invited to be the conference speaker.
Dr. Ware is Professor of Christian Theology at Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. His address was was split into three different sessions all of which tackle differing issues of the Sovereignty of God. The first session was titled Uncertain Hands of God and Men: Providence in Process Thought and Open Theism.

This is an incredible explanation and critique of Process Theism and Open Theism. Dr. Ware looks at the history of how these theologies came about and then how they fail and fall short. His critique of Process Theism is only about 1/3rd of his address and focuses the rest on Open Theism. For Open Theism he looks at some of the major proponents of this theology such as Greg Boyd, John Sanders, and Clark Pinnock and what they have to say about it.

Dr. Ware also looks at their scripture references which they site for the proof of Open Theism. He does an excellent job of looking at some tough scriptures (i.e. Genesis 22:12, Genesis 18:20-21, I Samuel 15:11 & 35, Jonah 3:10) that do seem at first to show that God changes his mind and does not know the future, but upon further examination and when referenced to other scripture show that God is as immutable as the day is long.

To view the video at The Resurgence website, go here.
If you would like Dr. Wares outline, go here and follow the link.

As time allows I will report back on the other two sessions.

  1. Thank you for your post on this subject. I remember discussing Open Theism with a philosophy professor, who is a good Christian, and his response to Open Theism was an appropriate, “Poor God.”

    For those who are interested, there is a book entitled Beyond the Bounds that addresses Open Theism. Also, I suggest the sermon, To Be a Mother is a Call to Suffer. The Links for these resources are:



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