Spider Man 3, Fantastic 4:ROTSS, and the Transformers

Spider Man 3
My wife and I went to the movies tonight and saw Spider Man 3. Action scenes = Awesome. The CG in the third installment of this Marvel series was incredible. How they made the Sandman and his body of sand particles flow so smoothly is incredible. The morphs of Thomas Haden Church back and forth from Sandman into human form are a sight in themselves.

I thought the story line and some of the more romantic moments in the movie left something to be desired. In this installment they tried to jam as much info as they could into the storyline and the audience sufferes for it. You walk out of the movie theater amazed at how much was in the movie but wanting more resolve to come to the characters and their conflicts. We also had some crummy movie goers who were obnoxious, and didn’t care to verbalize some of their thoughts throughout the movie.

Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
But, I did get to see the other Marvel movie trailer that is coming around the bend. I thought the first Fantastic 4 was a little dull. This trailer leads me to believe they are going to take it up a notch. I know this has been out for a bit, but I am feeling the Marvel flow right now. Check it out.

  • Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
  • Transformers
    Lastly, the movie theater had some posters up for the Transformers movie that is coming out July 4, 2007. This movie also looks promising and thought you would enjoy some of the trailers that are out there. Does anyone else remember the cartoons? The Autobots and Optimus Prime? The Decepticons and Megatron? Now that was some good stuff.

  • Apple Trailer: Transformers
  • Yahoo! Movies: Transformers
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