Tiny Rockstar’s and Orphans

I got this hit from my boy. Tiny Rockstar is a site created by the Random Shirts peeps. They are selling t-shirts for little babies and then sending part of the proceeds to help orphans in Uganda through Compassion International. Here is a short quip from the website:

“Tiny Rockstar’s goal is to raise $1 million annually to help the fight against poverty and assist in orphan prevention. By partnering with Compassion International, we will be able to directly impact the lives of children and mothers through the Child Survival Program. Compassion’s Child Survival Program (CSP) provides prenatal care, education, nutritional meals, and ongoing health care that includes monitoring, treating, and managing childhood diseases and infections.”
“Many times, the difference in a Rock Star and a kid who plays an instrument is opportunity. Everyday, children all over the world lack the simple opportunities of nutrition, education and medical attention. TinyRockstar exists to encourage consumers to create opportunity for children living in poverty. By simply clothing your child like a Rock Star you provide another child the opportunity to thrive on the stage of life.”

For their missions page here is your link. If you know of anyone who is having a baby, or if you are having a baby, or maybe you just would like to stock up on sweet clothes for your future baby and help Ugandan orpans, this is your site.

  1. I don’t own anything from RandomShirts.com, but I like a number of their shirts. Funny stuff. When I heard about tiny rockstars, well, I know only one

    • fhluganda
    • January 4th, 2009

    Wow, awesome stuff! My wife and I work for an orphan program in Uganda called Feed His Lambs. Love the blog. Keep up the good work! You can check us out at:


    Mukama Ye Ba Zibwe!

    Jesse & Terra

  2. Thanks for the great comments guys. May God bless your ministry efforts in Uganda.

    Soli Deo Gloria

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