Passion for Purity vs. Passive Prayer

Are you a fighter? Specifically are you a fighter against sexual sin. For men the battle that has biggest potential whoop factor is sexual sin. Our culture is steeped in the sexual, the sensual, and the provocative. This is the battle that will desroy you in a hearbeat, wooing you one second and slitting your throat the next. Why then do we look upon this battle with apathy? Why do we allow our passion for purity to be so easily strangled by sexual sin?

I think it can be easily summed up like this: We love porn more than we love Jesus.

It is amazing how the sexual sin battle becomes the defeated foe that it is when we survey the wondrous cross and gaze upon the bloodied Jesus hanging on that tree. Sexual sin begins to pale in comparison to the perfect Lamb of God. The title for this post comes from an article written by John Piper. You can find it here:

A Passion for Purity vs. Passive Prayer

I recommend to you his article. Read it and employ his biblical counsel. Fight! with aggressiveness. Hate your sin with a seething ferver. Please do not settle for passivity in this battle. To quote the famous Puritan preacher John Owen, “Be killing sin, or sin will be killing you.”

For another good resource on hating your sin I recommend to you one of the works by John Owen in which he tackles the very issue of putting to death sin.

Of the Mortification of Sin in Believers

Follow the link and download one of the many different formats of this famous work by Owen.

  1. Have you started reading Owen yet? I want an Owen buddy!

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