The Ringing Bell

Derek Webb has a new album coming out in a couple of months.  Here is the website.  If you pre-order the album from the website you should receive the album by May 1st, an autographed graphic novel inspired by the songs from The Ringing Bell, and an immediate full download of  The Ringing Bell.

Also, you can listen to the album streaming on the website as you browse through some of the pages from the graphic novel.

First impression is that it is very different from Webb’s Mockingbird album.  He definitely did not produce another stripped down acoustic album.  If you have the time I recommend you find your way to the song “A Savior On Capitol Hill” on the Ringing Bell site.  Fans of Webb should enjoy.  If you enjoyed “A King and a Kingdom” from Mockingbird you should find this song in the similar vein.

You can also buy the deluxe album here.

  1. I pre-ordered the deluxe and got to download the album already. They’ll send the actual CD with the book in May. It’s definitely a more electric album. I enjoy it so far, but haven’t had much time to get into the message of the songs.

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