Music for the Music Hearted

For those of you who like to rage against pop music with a good dose of indie credible music. I have got a couple of links for you to check out.

Bored Again Christian

My boy gave me this link a while back and it was golden. The host is Just Pete and he puts out a new podcast about once a month now. The podcasts run about 5o minutes or so. It also doesn’t hurt that he is from Champaign, Illinoise. Subscribe here.

Ears To Hear

On the latest BAC Just Pete mentioned this podcast as a fav of his. With the good music go-ahead-nod from Just Pete I checked it out. I likey. This podcast author has the name of Jill. The music stylings of this podcast run in the same vein as the BAC. The podcast length is about 25 minutes-ish. If you want a quick shot o’ good listenin’…Subscribe here.

Switchfoot Bootlegs

Waaaaiiit a minute. Switch ain’t indie! Well they have indie roots, right? That has got to count for something. Anyway, if you listen to the latest Ears to Hear podcast Jill will give you a link to this website. While on the Oh Gravity tour Switchfoot is recording the first half of their live show and then giving the recordings away for free to the concert goers as they leave. This website is keeping tabs on those bootlegs. Follow the links, listen, and enjoy.

  1. Yeah, buddy. Thanks for the shout out (and thanks on behalf of Jill). Come find us on Facebook, too, if you’re down with the internets.

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